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U.S. Support For The Bahais

U.S. Support For The Bahais

As soon as Abbas Afandi noticed that the British power was on the brink of decline, he turned towards America since he felt that the Americans were willing to cooperate with him. In his visit to the U.S. he said: “…Tonight I am happy to be in such a gathering. I am oriental but, thank God, have taken part in a gathering of westerners. Here there are people whose faces are bright with the light of humanity and this is a proof to the safety of such a gathering. This is also a proof to the fact that Eastern and Western nations may get united and that full links would be established between America and iran.”(1)

Abbas Afandi even went beyond this and in order to please his American masters said: “The Americans would find no country more proper than Iran for their trade since Iran is rich in natural resources, all hidden beneath the earth. I hope that the Americans could be able to take this wealth out of the earth.” In his visit to Washington, Abdol Baha was introduced to many

ranking American persons.(2)

U.S. President Lyndon Johnson

In 1967, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson sent a friendly cable to the National Circle of the American Bahais on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bahaism. The letter with Johnson’s signature has been printed in the book The Bahai World. The letter reads: “Your objective is America’s objective. To this end, Brand Scott, a close friend of Jimmy Carter, would visit Iran to make efforts for the recognition of Bahaism in Iran.” In fact, Scott had been commissioned to collect the required information through Bahai agents. For instance, in a confidential letter sent to all Bahai circles in Iran it had been instructed that all military personnel serving in the imperial armed forces (of Mohammad Reza Shah) should be identified and their list should be sent to Beit-ul Adl and Bahai circles in London, as well as to Brand Scott in the U.S. The letter noted that Scott had asked for the list but no one in the armed forces could have prepared it.

In his tablet numbered 8-6125, Abdol Baha has written: “America before God is an arena for spiritual insight and a country for the emergence of secrets, where freemen would gather. In this land, basis would be laid for the domination of the ‘Greater Name’ over a legitimate and valid system.”

Mohammad Reza Shah ( Iran )

Therefore, American Bahaism has laid the foundation for its constitution and through Israel’s Beit-ul Adl has propagated it the world over. It is for this same reason that the first constitutional circular was compiled by the Americans which was translated and put into practice by other circles in other parts of the world. In return, agents of Bahaism in Israel undertook the responsibility of protecting the sect throughout the world.

Other U.S. Support  :

In 1962, a Moroccan court tried a number of Bahais and sentenced three of them to death. Later, on February 18, 1963, a U.S. Senate representative delivered a speech in which he condemned the ruling of the court while praising Bahaism and followers of this fabricated faith (document Akhbar-e Amri 1963 )

Location of Chile

Meanwhile, the U.S. subservients, including a member of the continental consultative delegation for South America and three members of the national circle in Chile in 1979 had a half-an-hour talk with the Chilean President Pinochet in which meeting, Pinochet expressed his deep interest in Bahaism. He also asked for pictures showing propagation activities of the Bahais in Chile which were presented to him by the national circle. The report of the meeting and pictures of the visitors with the president were printed in all the five national newspapers of Chile. ( Akhbar-e Amri 1978).

The Hawaii state consultative assembly has issued an announcement addressed to the Bahais in that state and praised their services and noted that Bahaism was a service to all mankind. ( Akhbar-e Amri 1971). The mayor of Chicago also met with several members of the Chicago Bahai circle at the city municipality. ( Akhbar-e Amri 1968 )

U.S. Senate

Representatives of the American national circle met with President Johnson at the White House and presented him a book, prepared by the great Beit-ul Adl on Bahaism. The same afternoon, the president sent a message to the circle in which he stressed: “Your objective is America’s objective. This is the desire of you and all benevolent people…” ( Akhbar-e Amri 1967). Following is the stereotype of the U.S. Senate concurrent Resolution No. 129, issued in October 1965 :

Click here to view the stereotype of the U.S. Senate concurrent Resolution

Bahaism found its way to the United States in 1892 and presently there are some 100,000 Bahais in America. Marriage and official holidays of the Bahais have been officially recognized in the U.S.

Views of Bahai Leaders on the Great Satan (u.s.)  :

Abdol Baha: “America before God is an arena for spiritual insight and a country for the emergence of secrets, where freemen would gather. America would become the pioneer of justice the world over. The American Bahais are Abdol Baha’s apostle.”

The book General Tablets, 1917, by Abdol Baha says: “The American Bahai community, after 50 years of hardship would succeed in enlightening the history of mankind.”

Abdol Baha addressing national circles in America and Canada: “Adopt a sound and dignified plan, the objective of which should be the establishment of at least one administrative center in each of the states and any republics of the American continent.”

Abdol Baha: “American Bahais are the main founders of the new order and pioneers of world spirituality.”

Showqi Afandi: “The American Bahai community is a body with a grave spiritual mission and responsibility. ( Akhbar-e Amri 1959). American circles have been delegated rights and duties which have not been delegated to other countries of the Eastern hemisphere and no one could claim to undertake such responsibilities.”

Activities of Bahais in America  :

1. The international audio-visual center of Bahais is

located in New York.

2. Bahais occasionally pay some cash to Beit-ul Adi.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution and

restrictions of the Islamic Republic for the flow of

foreign currency outside the country, Bahais in Iran

were prevented from contributing to Beit-ul Adl. In

this connection, the American national circle has

announced that it would pay the share of the Bahais in Iran


Role of American Bahaism in the Administration and Leadership of World Bahaism  :

At present administration of the affairs of the world Bahais is directly under the supervision of Beit-ul Adl in Israel. Beit-ut Adl has nine members six of whom are American, one British, and two Iranians who have been elected from circles out of Iran. The members are:

UHJ member ( 1963 )

1.Bura Cowlins

2.Hugh Chance

3.David Roh

4.Charles Woolcut

5.Imas Gibson

6.Ian Sample

7.David Hauffman

8.Ali Nakhjavani (of the central and eastern Africa


9. Hushmand Fath A’zam (secretary of the Indian national circle)

The above mentioned members, except for the third named, have been members of Beit-ul Adl since 1963. The arrangement shows that Americans collect precise information and reports from all over the world and that these same people make plans for circles in Africa and Latin America and all over the world.

The U.S. Embassy, a Liaison Between iranian and American Bahais  :

The ‘Great Satan’, eversince the victory of the Islamic Revolution, has employed a variety of tricks to weaken the revolution, including its exploitation of religious minorities and its fabricated faiths. Of course, the U.S. support for such sects is not a proof to its sympathy with the followers of these misled creeds but rather an indication to the fact that it resorts to such a diabolic means to place adherents of such pseudo-religions or sects against Islam and Muslims in order to safeguard its own interests. The following documents are vivid proofs to such a reality:

Click here to view Document 1

Click here to view Document 1 ( continued ) & Document 2

Click here to view Document 3 & 4




References :

1. Khatabat-e Abdol Baha. Speech delivered at Miss Cropper’s house, 1911

2. Ahang Badi magazine No. 16015, page 15

Min Makatib ‘Abdu’l-Baha: Selections from the Tablets of Abdu’l-Baha (Arabic)


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