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Bahaism And Zionism

Bahaism And Zionism

In fact, today Zionism carries a general meaning. Zionism is not a religion but rather the combination of a hegemonist ideal and a chauvinist creed, seething with that aspiration. The objective of Zionism, under the garb of Judaism, is something beyond a theocratic rule. In reality, Judaism is a shield for Zionism. With the information we have so far gathered about Bahaism, we can easily find out the close connection between ideals of this schismatic group and those of Zionism. The headquarter of Bahaism is in a land where Zionism was imposed, both according to the hegemonist tendencies of imperialism. There are ample evidences that the old master of imperialism, Britain, has taken care of Bahaism and called for amicable ties between the Bahais and the Zionists. It is with the same objective that the Canadian widow of Showqi Afandi in 1961, when she was still leading the Bahais, said: “If I could choose, it is worth saying that I prefer this new faith could grow in this new land (Israel). In fact, I should say that our future and that of Israel are connected to each other like rings of a chain.” There are numerous documents available on the close links between Bahai and Israeli leaders but open support like what was mentioned in the above is enough to show the extent of amity between the two sects. The Associated Press, in a report which was printed in Tehran Times on June 20, 1987, reveals open relations between this fabricated faith and Israel:

Haifa, Israel (AP) – The Israeli government has recognized Israel as the spiritual center of the Bahai faith, which has maintained its headquarters in the Zionist state for more than a century, the group’s leaders said yesterday.

The government also gave the faith the status of a non-profit organization exempt from taxes, paving the way for a 166 million dollar investment in new facilities, a Bahai spokesman said at a news conference.

Energy Barnett, the Los Angeles-born secretary-general of the Bahai faith, said the group would build a complex to house a library and study center in the northern Israel port cities of Haifa and Acre.

The two cities have served as the center for the Bahai faith since 1844, when the religion’s ‘prophet’ and founder Bahaollah fled persecution in which was then Persia, present-day Iran.

Barrett said the new facilities would be financed from small contributions by Bahai members in 140 countries, most of them in the Third World.” After constitution of the Zionism movement conference in 1898 in Bal city Tomansky, Jew orientalist published the holiest book of Bahais which have been collected by Bahaollah founder of Bahaism. In the same year the third conference of history of religion was held in Oxford University and researcher Rozenberg represented his study entitled Bahai-religion and its spiritual and social behaviour. In 1908, Jew Helmut Dryfus published the book of Bahaism, history and its social values in Paris and since then Zionist-Jews’ contributions and donations for constructing the main center of Bahais (Mashreq-ul Azkar-al Bahaian ) in Agra has been going on. From 1909 to 1912 Abbas Afandi (Abdul Baha ) accepted leaders of the Zionism movement in his headquarter located in Mount Carmal ( i.e. president and his wife). (83)

Sir Herbert Samuel

In 1920, when according to an accord signed in San Remo, Palestine was brought under the mandate of Britain, the British government spread its domination in this region and appointed Sir Herbert Samuel, from a famous Jewish family of Britain, as the first High Commissioner in Palestine. Sir Herbert had very close relations with the Bahais and attended Abbas Afandi’s funeral procession with ‘deep’ sorrow. After the rapid influx of Jews to Palestine and Arab uprisings in 1921, the Bahais openly supported the ‘British-Zionist’ plot and protested against any opposition on the part of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, the Arab Muslims.

In an official letter to the head of the special commission of the United Nations, Showqi Afandi made no reference to the legitimate rights of Palestinians and those of other Arab Muslims as if he had never been witness to the massacre and torture of thousands of Arabs by the British-Zionist forces . (84)In his message, he claimed that attachments of Jews and Bahais to Palestine were deeper than those of Muslims! The most interesting section of Showqi’s letter is the part that says: “Our objective is to perpetuate a general peace in the whole world and our ideal is to witness promulgation of justice in all aspects of human life, including in political affairs. Since a large number of our followers are of Jewish and Muslim origin, the Bahai sect has no prejudice against the two groups and is rather willing to establish peace and compromise between them to their own advantage and to the advantage of the country.”

In this part of the letter, which seemingly includes progressive ideas, contradictory points could be noticed. First, is it right to refer to making Muslim Palestinians homeless and spying for the British government, as well as meeting Zionist leaders prior to the formation of Israel, promulgation of justice in all aspects of human life? Secondly, is the torture of oppressed Palestinians whose legitimate rights over the sovereignty of their homeland has been violated, the perpetuation of general peace in the whole world for which the Bahais act as a liaison? Another point is that the precedessors of Bahais and Babis were seemingly Muslims and not Jewish, and therefore were ostracized by the Muslims.

Some years after the illegitimate birth of Israel in Palestine on May 14, 1948, the First Secretary of the International Bahai Council wrote a letter to the Bahai circle in Iran on May 3. 1954 in which he reported a meeting between Showqi Afandi and the Israeli president on April 26, 1954 :…………………………………………………………. Image : President of Israel ( 1954 )

“On that historic day, the president and his wife received the First Secretary at the special hall and after a few minutes the president and his companions left for the blessed residence of the Vali-e Amrollah (The guardian ) (Showqi ) who kindly received the president and his entourage. During the unofficial and friendly talks, Vali-e Amrollah ( The guardian ) outlined objectives and ideals of Bahaism and informed him of the friendly feelings Bahais had towards Israel and wished them success and prosperity for Israel. Meanwhile, the president noted that a few years ago when together with his wife he had travelled around the country, he had met Abdol Baha…” In his Tablet Now Ruz 108 Badi, addressing the Bahais, he outlined the opinion of Bahaism on the formation of Israel as follows:

The evidence of God’s promise to the children of Khalil (Abraham ) and heirs of Kalim (Moses) was revealed and the Israeli government was formed in Qods and established ties with the international center of Bahais. It exempted the Bahais from paying taxes and officially recognized their holidays.”(85) In fact, could the Bahais, followers of a fabricated creed, continue their life without total support from imperialism and Zionism? The international board at Haifa in a letter to the national circle of the Bahais in Iran on July 1, 1952 described Showqi Afandi’s relations with Israel as follows: “Relations of the system with Vali-e Amrollah(The guardian ) and the international board of Bahais are amicable and sincere. In fact, it is quite satisfying that achievements have been gained on the recognition of Bahaism in this holy land.” (86 ) In a cable Showqi Afandi sent to the Bahai circle in Iran on May 4, 1954, he enlisted the newly gained achievements of the Bahais and also referred to his meeting with the Israeli president: ‘The Israeli president together with his wife after a reception” held in their honour at the holy resident of Abdol Baha, met the holy places at Jabal Karmel ( Mount Carmel). This was the first official visit by one of the heads of the European states …”(87)

A letter by the First Secretary of the International Council of Bahais, dated May 3, 1954, is a proof to the fact that the meeting was not a simple religious visit: “ Monday 26, April 1954 , is a historical day for the Bahais because on that day for the first time head of an independent state officially visited the Bab’s and Baha’s shrine and was received by Vali-e Amrollah (The guardian ) ( Showqi Afandi) (88 )

Bahai Support And Financial Assistance Tax For Israel  :

Earlier references had been made to the frequent contacts between the Bahais and heads of the Israeli government but Showqi Afandi’s cable to the American circle of the Bahais on April 24, 1953 is an open example:

The contents of the ‘blessed’ statement in Persian is as follows: Foundation of an independent government in the holy land ( Israel ) and centralization of the administration of the world embodying rules of Hadhrat Bahaollah, the first manifestation of which is the formation of the international Bahai council and construction of the holy center,…is now possible, thanks to the recent changes ushered by the newly established government. But, it still is in need of new developments and financial assistance due from national and local funds by Bahai societies in the East and the West.”(89 )

Following is the text of Showqi Afandi’s cable to the American Bahai circle on September 24, 1951:

Inform all the national clerical circles of the Bahais throughout the world that agreements have been reached after lengthy negotiations, with the finance and religious affairs ministries, as well as the Haifa municipality, for the purchase of a plot of 22,000 square meters land valued at about 118.000 U.S. dollars on the slopes of Jabal Karmai in an area overlooking the holy place of Hadhrat (Bahaollah) and the eastern margins of the holy center. The purchase and possession of such a holy territory would help preservation of principles of the holy faith in organizing its followers, and would also enlarge the Bahai administration coming up in the international center for the divine rule in the holy territory. There is a possibility that Israeli heads of state would drop the planned construction of a highway… I intend to transfer some of the documents of the said areas from American and Indian national circles to Israel…”(90) The text of Showqi Afandi’s cable to the American Bahai center on April 3, 1952 is as follows: “Give this good news to the national circles in the East and the West that final formalities for the purchase of 18 plots of lands measuring about six acres beside the holy center have been completed with the Israeli government in return for 118,000 U.S. dollars… Hereby I deem it necessary to appreciate the infatiguable efforts of Mr. Lorenz who was the first pilgrim after the opening of the holy shrine and whose endeavours speeded up the talks..” ( 91)

In the book Historical Places of the Bahais in the Holy Land of Israel it has been mentioned: Finally, the Israeli Treasury issued an announcement which was printed in the country’s official magazine according to which all those who possessed buildings along the holy shrine were divested of their ownership (and ail have been given to Abdol Baha) and it has also been said: “On the occasion of the 135th birthday anniversary of Bahaollah, hereby all eastern and western Bahai societies are informed that lengthy discussions which started two years ago led to the signing of an agreement according to which officials at the Ministry of Development of the Israeli government have transferred large estates located in the vicinity of the holy place of the founder of the Bahai order (Bahaollah), officially to the branch of the national clerical circle of America in Israel, in order to preserve that holy place and its adjacent palace for the future generations to come. These estates which increased the Bahai property in Akka from 4,000 to 150,000 square meters were exchanged with an estate offered by the Bahais.

Bahai Centers in Israel  :

UHJ and Some bahai project on mount carmel (Haifa / Israel )

As it has been previously mentioned, the most important center of the Bahais is the Great House of Justice or the Beit-ul Adl A’zam ( UHJ ) located on the slopes of Karmal mountain in Israel. One of the main residents of the Bahais is also in the city of Akka in which there are certain places which are highly respected by the Bahais including :

1. Sijn-e A’zam ( the great prison ) where Bahaollah
had been imprisoned for two years, two months and
five days (after being sent there to exile from Iraq). The
place is venerated as a shrine. In 1927, the Israeli
government officially recognized the area as one of the
Bahai holy places and therefore it was exempted from
paying due taxes.

2 . Qasr-e Mazra’eh (The Field Palace) , a stone
place where Bahaollah stayed for a while and now is
regarded as one of the Bahai holy places.

3. Beit-e Obood ( The Mansion of Obedience ), a place
where Bahaollah resided for seven years and is close to
the field palace.

4. Bagh-e Rezvan (Garden of Paradise), a garden
where Bahaollah stayed for a while and now is a holy
Bahai place.

5 . Maqbara-e Mobarak va Rozaeh Mobarakeh ( The Blessed Tomb and The Blessed Garden) located in Behji. Bahaollah stayed in this place for twelve years and is buried there. Therefore, the place is of great importance to the Bahais. There is a guest-house in this area to receive the Bahais. The place is opposite to an Israeli military camp called ‘Camp Bin Omay‘.

Another city where Bahais have several holy places, is the port city of Haifa. The city is the center for the administration affairs of the Bahais and, therefore, is more important than Akka. Several Bahai leaders are buried in Haifa including:

1 . Abdol Baha’s brother, known as Ghusn-e
Athar and his mother, known as Khanum Navvab.

2 . Abdol Baha’s sister, Varqeh

3 . Abdol Baha’s wife, Monireh

4. Beit-e Mobarak ( Blessed Mansion) Abdol Baha’s
residence-a Bahai holy place.

5. The office of Beit-ul Adi A’zam ( UHJ ) which remained
the main office until 1939 (and perhaps still is the
same). The place used to be a guest-house for Western
Bahais and is known as the old guest-house for the

6 . Maqam-e A’la’ ( The Supreme Place). The Bahais
believed that the body of Ali Mohammad Shirazi (Bab)
is buried here and is one of the main centers of the
Bahais known as the Bahai Ka’aba. The place is situated
beside Karmal mountain and is surrounded by other
luxurious Bahai buildings in this area.

7 . Dar-ul Aasar Beinolmeiali ( The House of
International Works). The place, designed at the time of
Showqi Afandi, through Israeli cooperation, comprises a stately mansion supported by 50 elegant pillars, each six meters high.

8 . Maqam-e A’la’ ( Lofty Station) guest house, a
residence for all Bahai travellers.

9. Baq-e Rezvan, one of the Bahai centers.

10. Maqam-e Abdol Baha ( Station of Abdol Baha) ,
the burial place of Abdol Baha and an important shrine.

11 . Golestan-e Javid ( The Eternal Garden), a
cemetery in the city of Haifa where Bahai leaders,
except for the old ones, are buried. The place is also
highly respected.

12 . Zamin-e Sharq-ul Azkar a ground near
Maqam-e A’la and one of the Bahai holy places which
is only open on Sundays during special ceremonies.

13. Newly established centers in Haifa.

A ) The building of Dar-ul Tashri Beinolmeiali was
built beside
Maqam-e A’lain 1977.

B ) The building of Beit-ul Adi A’zam ( UHJ ) was also
constructed in
1977 upon a decision by the resident
Bahai leaders. The large building comprised 150 rooms.

Attempts By The Bahais And Their Supporters For the Recognition of Bahaism  :

In March 1948, British and Zionist circles and their allies in a bid to support the activities of the Bahais, recognized the Bahai movement as a peace-loving movement and called for its recognition by the world body as a non-state organization like the UNESCO. A year earlier, in the spring of 1947, the national Bahai circle in America and Canada was accepted as a non-state national organization at the general information office of the United Nations and granted an observer status. However, a year after eight other national circles were collectively recognized as the international Bahai society. In 1970, the economic and social council of the United Nations granted a consultative status to the society and on March 8, 1976 it was officially recognized by the UNICEF. In 1972, Bahais residing in Egypt filed a protest against the decision of the country’s high court taken in 1960 which deprived them of all their activities. In their appeal to the state council, the Bahais claimed that the verdict was illegal since Egypts constitution guaranteed freedom of expression for all. The case was handed over to the supreme court which declared that the rulings of the court for the dissolution of all Bahai circles and societies had not been against the constitution and put forward three reasons, backing its declaration.

1 . Guarantees stipulated in the constitution on
freedom of
religious observances embody only the three
recognized religions.

2 . Performance of religious rites are controlled and
confined to the
limits which would not disturb public
order or harm moral values governing the society. Since
Bahai rites disturb public order in Egypt which is a
purely Muslim state, therefore the constitution
guarantees no support for Bahaism.

3 . According to legal principles, all Bahai societies
and circles are
brought within the framework of the
Elections Act which is governed by the Ministry of
Social Affairs. The constitution prohibits formation of such societies whose activities are against the principles of the Egyptian society. According to the rulings of the Supreme Court, Bahaism is outside the pale of a doctrine or a religious ideology and is, therefore, a political group which is regarded as the enemy of the Arab people. However, the Bahais are still making efforts in European and American countries to gain official recognition either as a religious group or as a trade company.

Former UN leader Kurt Waldheim

On August 6, 1976, the then Secretary General of the United Nations, Kurt Waldheim sent a message through the U.N. envoy in Paris to the Bahai conference there in support of the faith. The reason behind such a support is apparently either Waldheim’s lack of familiarity with the fabricated creeds or his collaboration with colonial powers.

Bahais, Spies of Zionism  :

Bahaism falls outside the pale of a doctrine or a religious ideology and is therefore, a political group which is regarded as the enemy of the Arab people. ( 92 )

Even before Arab countries realized the role Bahaism was playing in the flow of information and its overt or covert assistance to the Zionists and British, politico-religious experts in Iran were fully aware of the case and regarded it as a serious threat. Because , before that there were no such persons as Jewish-Bahai in Iran. It was after close relationship was established between Abbas Afandi and the Zionists that a group of Jews registered their names as Bahais. Israel, the heart of the world’ was a common term invented by Showqi Afandi and frequently referred to by both the Bahais and the Jews, a term which would shield interests of the two groups.(93) Following the expansion of the intelligence network of the Arab states and their sovereignty over their political and economic life and after a serious follow up and collection of sufficient documents revealing the subserviency of the Bahai leaders to the Zionist agents, the Arab League gave priority to the issue of Bahaism on its agenda of Arab sanctions against Israel. The result was that in 1975, Mohammad Mahjoub, the high commissioner of the Arab sanctions offices against Israel while in Damascus referred to Bahaism as a movement advocating Israel and Zionism.

Even, regulations governing the organisation of Bahaism are manifestations of the spying nature of the outfit. For instance, Bahais are the only so-called religious group who have set the condition of registration and preparation of a file in advance for those who wish to join their ranks.

Today, with regard to the number of Bahais and their massive propaganda effort aimed at delivering mortal blows on moral values of the people the world over, and due to their subserviency to Israel and the role the Zionist regime plays in collecting information for the imperialists, it is crystal clear that the complicated structures of Bahaism have not been laid down merely for the sake of an ideology or a religion.

Some bahai project on mount carmel (Haifa / Israel  )

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 and disclosure of the activities of the ex-Shah’s information and security organization (SAVAK),(94) which was in itself an organization at the service of imperialism, a remarkable amount of documents were seized which further revealed the role Bahais played in collecting information about the Islamic world and relaying them to Israel. Of course, the real role of the Bahais as the spies of the Zionists has been fully realized by other Arab and Muslim states.

Some SAVAK Documents in This Connection  :

1. Report H6540 dated 47/2/24, Ja’afar Bahzadpour
at the Protocol Commission: “The Iranian nation is
further trying for its progress and has relations with
most of the countries of the world. But some of these
countries, mainly beloved Israel, and some European
states are more famous in the world and we should
further strengthen our ties with them. At present, we
are supporting Israel and opposing Arab and Muslim
states. God willing, the United Nations would recognize
us and then we would further increase our activities.”(95)

2. Report SAVAK H3/10465 dated 46/10/13, recently a group of Bahais have come to Shiraz at the invitation of the national circle of Shiraz in order to conduct a census of all the Bahais and send the result to the national circle and Beit-ul Adl A’zam ( UHJ ) in Israel.

3. Report H9864 dated 47/7/27, Ehsanollah
Mehdizadeh at the meeting of the Bahai leaders: “We
the Iranian Bahais have deposited some one million and
eight thousand tomans in the Beit-ul Adl A’zam fund.
Now the dear Bahais are wealthy and therefore they
should no longer deposit their assets at Iranian banks
but rather in banks in Israel and Britain and allocate the
interest of their deposited money to the impoverished

4. Report H/14700 dated 49/12/1, text of a letter by
Beit-ul Adl A’zam, was read at a Bahai session as
follows: “We dispatched 14 of the leading Iranian
Bahais for a 25-day mission to Kampala (Uganda) in Africa, London, India and Pakistan. The ‘center of
promise (Haifa) appreciates the efforts you, the Iranian
Bahais, are making. So far, the clerical circle has put
the information gathered about the Arab states and by
our London spies at the disposal of Israel since our
friends have gathered information from each country
they visited and since our friends are fully aware of
what is going on in every country.

References :

83. See TEHRAN TIMES, June 20th 1987, and also essay dated 64.4.28 narrated by Arabia Journal, printed in London

84. The full text of the letter was printed In “Bahai News” weekly in

Sept. 1947, and volume 7 of Akhbar-e Amri

85. Towqiat Mobarakeh Vali-e Amr, page 290

86. Akhbar-e Amri, page 16, 1952

87. ibid, vol. 12, I952

88 . ibid, page 9, 1953

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91. ibid , 1952

92. Parts of the verdict of Egypts supreme court on Bahaism as a religious minority in 1972. See TEHRAN TIMES 1985, 64.4.28

93. Bahais, page 741

94. SAVAK, the dreadful intelligence organization or the ex-shah’s regime

95. It should be noted that Bahais have their influence in some U.N. sections.


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    • Hello spin doctor with no conscience. Do yourself and the world a service…Read the history of bahai faith and the its murderous past, maybe you will learn a truth or two…How can you account for a god who is more scary looking than Charles Manson. Thanks to internet. Its out there, Guess you can’t hide it any longer, like you did with your so called most holy book…the newly converted American and European Baha’is were told it hasn’t been translated for more than hundred years…rub your pretty eyes with salt for I care. The facts cannot be changed..Are you denying the unscientific revelation by your infallible god as to say copper will transmute to gold in 70 years…is it believably to your conscience that God Almighty himself can be poisoned by his half brother…and to sum it up god manifesto glory bahaullah eventually dies…What kind of a people are you who chose to believe in paying 9 mirhgals of gold to the newly created Uhj in Israel as a get-out-jail-card for adultery and fornication…The poor are forgiven if they can’t pay the penalty. How convenient. I say you are clearly advocating moral decadence and breakdown of societies and promiscuity…This is not a religion,. Are you denying bahaullah started jostling for position and power with his half brother. He finally won when declared prophet to himself and later God..Your religion of world peace hasn’t done much during the two world wars..This organization of yours hasn’t achieved the numbers you so crave nor inched closer to attaining anything resembling world fact wars have increased since the creation of the Baha’i org…why else it is the only heard of so called religion that registers its members and keeps files on them like any franchise company..while inhibiting free speech,independent thinking and labeling honest truth seekers as covenant breakers..Bahaullah was the first Covent breaker when he disputed the leadership of his appointed half brother…Read God has passed by shoggi effendi..Don’t rub salt in your eyes though..good luck

      Comment by Hassan | February 11, 2014 | Reply


    A widespread international outcry has followed the latest attack on the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE), in which some 39 homes were raided at the end of May.

    Comment by Anonymous | August 2, 2011 | Reply

    • Sadly yet this fabricated outcry will not increases your numbers in the Baha’is registration process….It all about numbers to you with no morals behind those numbers… Why is it that a member of bahai organization has to formally recant his belief in bahaullah in writing when he no longer believes in the Baha’is teachings in order for his name to be taken off from the list of Baha’is. In fact it is so difficult and the fear of being talked out of his decision leads many to rather just walk away quietly which is a blessing in disguise for the organization because you get to keep his name as a formal active member in your books. Your obsession with number and control freak attitude without any substance and foundation does not translate into the universal true religion of peace…The higher up Baha’i officials are happy though due to their obscene fantasy with numbers I.e the Baha’i population that they lost track of the essence of true religion…in my opinion the likes of Sigmund Freud and crazy Charles Darwin seem more knowledgeable that your glory manifestation of god..At least they put forth well reasoned scholarly works while Bahaullah failed to prove one single prophecy in his lifetime or wrongly states the presence of living creatures on every planet.which is unscientific..Mr outcry how would you account for this discrepancy in godly revelation..You Baha’is are not a big fan of facts and truth rather indulge in the orgy of self congratulations and mutual back slapping or high five’s when you hear of a signed new member or two…It is obvious these are not a healthy sign of a growing progressive religion based on the official mantra of universal peace but more like a franchise co with branches in X number of localities and town etc…

      Comment by Hassan | February 11, 2014 | Reply

  18. Bahaism is fabricated creed, and attracts only the week-minded and uneducated people, the Bahaists know very well where to find this peole,remote villages of India,and Africa, and poverty striken roral area in Iran because they know that well-off and well-educated person got no tie for their BULLSHITS.

    Comment by Anonymous | November 8, 2011 | Reply

    • I couldn’t agree more…i went to a Baha’i school in India. They have something called pioneers as though they paved a way for new scientific approach as the name suggests..these pioneer are under the pressure to get number of converts…They will offer to pay for the education of a desperate poor villager’s son or duty in exchange for his signature into the Baha’i faith..He wasn’t taught about the religion but conned him into the organization..They also offer cash handouts and other gift.. It sounds like a desperate has become so menacing that the Indian government is taking action to curb their nuisance into the destruction of the Hindu society and their way of life..They borrowed their techniques from other Christian sects like Jehovah witnesses etc…i wonder why one has to give out things to entice someone into your belief system…eventually a house built on sand collapses…i can only conclude that since they have nothing concrete to offer, they resort to bribes, gift giving,etc to increase their numbers…

      Comment by Hassan | February 11, 2014 | Reply

  19. They have a very fuuny and absord book which is obviosly a poor attempt of copying the Quran and Bible, most Bahaists are non arabs, The Holliest Book is in Arabic which I master, it is like a five years old kid trying to be a profit, full of linguistic and grammer mistakes which proves the fabrication by an uneducated author .read the book yourself ,it is very absord.. PLEASE WAKE UP BAHAIST, you will be better off worshipping rats or Cow, or Penis

    Comment by Anonymous | November 8, 2011 | Reply

    • Also ask any bahai why they took more than 100 years to bring their so called most holy book..funny (most holy) out of hiding…It took 2 British scholars to search for a copy and translate it. The world recoiled in disgust after reading the childish laws revealed about wife husband fighting and how to wear the fur of a rare cat species or the burial of dead Baha’i in expensive coffins adorned with gem stones while the dead person made to wear exquisite ring…The spin doctors that they are, they have toned down the crude language so not to scare away the western liberal men and women from flocking to their curious organization. The most holy book is full of absurdity and unbelievable revelations that they struck down many or completely changed the text…Why is god word not appealing in its original text beats me….

      Comment by Hassan | February 11, 2014 | Reply

  20. You guys condemning the Bahai faith as evil, are not educated at all. seek the truth and you will find the truth. btw.. you can all search up Marko Rodin – vortex based mathematics .. thats all i have to say.

    Comment by Anonymous | November 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Sorry dude no one is condemning the Baha’i faith..but when a new prophet appears on the scene in modern times, with new revelations and that new prophets all of sudden claims even bigger surprise up his sleeve in the form of gods manifestation, it is only natural for humans to take him to task and ask questions in order to arrive at the truth..

      Bahaullah has even claimed to be all the past prophets in a new package. After careful inspection of the revelations of Bahaullah, sadly they don’t hold water….This latest god is even unscientific and contradicts his very own creation by stating the presence of living creatures on every planet and the transmutation of copper into gold in a span of 70 years.who even specifically prohibits proselytizing the Israelis of his new religion..Is he a god or a deranged lunatic who skipped his medication? You decide

      Comment by Hassan | February 11, 2014 | Reply

  21. in #16, Someone has commented that because of ‘poor English’, the writers against Bahai’s must be Iranians.

    That is an asinine assumption. Many Bahais are from non-English speaking countries. Most Americans attracted to Bahaism are more or less of lower caliber, so their English is quite poor.

    We must debate the facts presented in the main article. I have done considerable research in the history of Bahaism, and based on this, it is quite clear to me Baha is another pretender and a fraud like Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of the Qadian cult. Bahais’ support to foreign enemies, such as Czarist Russia, Britain, Israel etc., and their spying for the enemies have rightly earned them the reputation that they are traitors of the nation, and all traitors are not treated kindly in the western or eastern world.
    In the past, traitors to Christianity had wooden stakes thrust through their anuses and while they were writhing in pain, they were set on fire to the rejoice and applause of the watching crowd.

    Comment by Robert Schneider Jr. | December 4, 2011 | Reply

    • Why can’t we have more people like you are open to research and debate… I too have done some research and I find it puzzling why the Baha’is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt,reject research or fact finding or even a healthy debates…They preach blind faith and never to question their so called infallible UHJ member.. But are champions when it come to numbers…They will lie, kill, pay for a new member…to them numbers are holier than their scriptures

      Comment by Hassan | February 11, 2014 | Reply

  22. this blog=bahislam=pure shit

    Comment by muhammadolbahullah | May 24, 2012 | Reply

  23. Everyone complains about the Government doing nothing, but in reality it’s us doing nothing. If the Americans of this nation would make a stand and make a demand for what is right then things would finally change. It’s tiring watching about what’s wrong with our land without action. Stand up for what you believe in.

    Comment by flat roof repairs milton ma | October 14, 2012 | Reply

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