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Table of contents  :




Persecution and prejudice by Universal House of Justice




Bahai Fraud




 Bahaism and Israel





Human Equality in the Bahai Faith




Are al-Quran and Writings of “Bahaullah” from same Author (Allah)?




The Recantation(s) of The Bab




The Sheikh of Al Azhar acknowledges that Bahaism is outside the fold of Islam (July, 2008 )




The Violent Ways of The Bab and The Babis




The Unreasonableness of the Baha’i Faith




Baha’allah was not the real successor of Bab!




The Position of Mirza Yayha Noori – Subhe Azal




The Bab: An objective analysis




Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri known as Bahaullah




Bahaism And Zionism




Bahaism And The Pahlavi Regime 




Britain’s Role In Consolidation And Expansion Of Bahaism




U.S. Support For The Bahais




Rulings And Viewpoints Of Muslim Ulema on  Bahaism









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Persecution and prejudice by Universal House of Justice

Persecution and prejudice by Universal House of Justice

Ahmad Karimpour’s Unanswered letter





Dear Friends,

I read your letter dated 20/08/02 with disgust and have decided to respond to you in English and set the record straight concerning the violation of my human and Baha’i rights and your continued coercive and intimidatory behaviour.

Your initial correspondence to this servant contained false and inaccurate allegations. You failed to conduct an independent enquiry and find out the merits of the case presented to you. You recorded as factual the rumours forwarded to you by a number of ill-intentioned and attention-seeking individuals, some of whom are regarded as the “learned!”. You accepted the unsubstantiated gossips of wrong-doers and did not bother to hear my side of the argument. On this count you have failed in one of the basic teachings of our beloved faith: the Independent Investigation of the Truth.

Roman Catholic priests 

Roman Catholic priests


You demanded from me, to recant my alleged association with an organisation I know nothing about and threatened me with sanctions of I did not comply. Though I objected to your bias and prejudice so clearly evident from the tone of your letter, I drafted a short reply and complied with your wishes. I did so purely out of my love for Baha’u’llah and the martyrs of the Faith, whom I had the pleasure of knowing.

Yet in your most recent reply, you once again threaten me with sanctions even though I have complied with your every request. I take refuge in God from your harassments. Your tactics of thought control, inquisition, violation of my individual rights (innocent until proven guilty), intimidation, threats and sanctions are in complete violation of the role and

function of a Spiritual Assembly as foretold by Abd’ul Baha and Shoghi Effendi. Your actions resemble the 14th century Inquisition by the Roman Catholic priests.




 George Orwell ( 1903 –1950 )

George Orwell ( 1903 –1950 )

Your continued harassment of this servant on false charges, have drawn a wedge in our family and resulted in the desertion of the Faith by my daughter – something even the mullahs were incapable of doing.

You have demonstrated to be a puppet in the hands of a few un-elected evil individuals with fancy titles. Persons who can say what they like and commit what wrong-doings they can without being questioned. I ask you, to whom shall we turn to, if these individuals one day rape our children? Why are they above the law?


Anyone who questions their evil methods and intentions, is labelled a “covenant breaker” and cast out of the Faith. Disagreement with them is seen as “trying to build a following” or “campaigning against the covenant”. Free speech and expressions of opinion are stifled through the imposition of a soviet style conformity with the system. One is persecuted for thinking independently and threatened with sanctions. Big Brother is watching every where and George Orwell’s 1984 is re- lived before our very eyes. 



Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson

In the mean time “Entry by Troops” becomes “Desertion by Troops” and even the thought-police are not able to halt the un-precendented desertions from the faith that we are witnessing today. In attempting to impose their vain imaginings on individuals, the racist policies of Apartheid and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party are practiced in disguise. Justice and equality amongst the Bahai’s has given way to the creation of a new class of clergy with unlimited powers to silence any signs of independent thinking or free enquiry.

For the record, I wish to state the following:


1 – If you intend to cast me out of the faith (and yet have no solid reason for doing so), feel free to let me know. My daughters and I will happily resign en masse and grant your wish.


2 – If this event takes place, I reserve my full rights as an Australian citizen and a free individual to raise my case and demand justice through other sources / authorities.


You can never control my heart and faith. . . . .



I make a clear distinction between the Faith of Baha’u’llah and the evil intentions of those who seek leadership positions within the Baha’i administration. Oppression will always be evident in the light of history.

You have failed to be the “loving shepherds” you are meant to be. Choosing to play politics and

please the un-elected few is in direct contravention of what you are elected for.





Ahmad Karimpour Perth – WA









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Bahai Fraud

Bahai Fraud


Recently the small Italian Baha’i community was shocked to learn that one of its most prominent, long-serving and active members, the former General Secretary of the NSA: Franco Ceccherini, had been ousted from the NSA and formally charged for embezzlement and fraud in the amount of 360,000 Euros.

Ceccherini allegedly stole the money over the lengthy period of time that he served at the highest levels of the Baha’i community in Italy. It appears that he embezzled funds from 1992 until 2006 by fraudulently producing invoices, letters and documents and then pocketing the funds he received for them. Throughout the more than 14 years that Ceccherini served in the institutions, he alternated between high level positions: sometimes he served as the General Secretary of the NSA of Italy, while other times he served as the Head of the Office of the Secretariat – which included several other individuals employed by the NSA. And at times Ceccherini served as both General Secretary and as Head of the Office of the Secretariat.

 Which means that the NSA has to pay back 275,000 Euros. 

bahai-bahaism-embezzlement-and-fraudThrough the uninterrupted access granted to him by these positions, Ceccherini was able to allegedly perpetrate this scheme for almost 15 years. It is still a mystery how the Treasurer could not detect such a large and prolonged fraud. Nor is it known what, if any, control measures were circumvented by Ceccherini. As it stands now, neither the Treasurer, any of the other NSA members nor any employees of the NSA have been charged.    . . . .





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